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iDAC Construction

iDAC Construction’s projects range from historic restoration to high-rise apartments to car parks throughout NZ and the Pacific. iDAC works with large national and multi-national firms providing all encompassing solutions to multi-storey concrete construction.

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Auckland Speedfloor Contracting Ltd

Auckland Speedfloor are specialists in seismic strengthening, concrete works, concrete floor construction, slab floors, machinery slabs, commercial builds, mezzanine and suspended floor construction and installation throughout Auckland and Waikato.

A well-established company we have worked on major projects throughout Auckland and Waikato and have an experienced, specialist team that pays meticulous attention to detail from the planning stage to completion.

Full Project Management

At iDAC Construction we specialise in joining the dots and liaising between architects, contractors, council, engineers, property owners, manufacturing companies etc. We have worked on small and large jobs, including manufacturing companies looking for solutions to their $10M budget for their new machinery.

Seismic Strengthening

iDAC Construction has completed numerous seismic upgrades and re-strengthening of buildings throughout Auckland. Our projects have included seismic strengthening of multi-storey commercial buildings and we take particular pride in strengthening heritage buildings while maintaining the unique character of these beautiful old buildings.

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Concrete Works

Concrete flooring, concrete tiles, factory floors, bases for heavy machinery, and pod floors are among the specialised concrete works undertaken by the team at iDAC Construction. We work in factories, industrial plants, warehouses, anywhere that needs a concrete floor that can take heavy loads installed quickly and efficiently.



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iDAC Construction are specialists in factory and warehouse construction, building and installations of heavy duty mezzanine flooring and suspended flooring in existing buildings.

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Auckland Speedfloor has an experienced specialised team who work on multi-storey buildings and structures throughout Auckland and the North Island. We take great pride in the high level of workmanship provided by Speedfloor and the extensive range of projects we have completed.

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Auckland Speedfloor Contracting Ltd - Phone:+64 21 780 701