Factories, Warehouses, Offices

iDAC Construction's projects include working in factories, warehouses, offices and multi-storey buildings. Our recent projects include:

Fluid fittings warehouse

February 2015

Full contract 400m2 tilt slab warehouse.

Built inside a time frame to suit overseas deliveries. 16 weeks from start to finish, built completely to budget. 

PMP print machine bases, and production buildings and amenities


PMP Print moved three printing works sites from around Auckland to one main site in the old wool storage warehouses in Wiri.

Over this time we installed eight machine bases up to 600mm thick and 25m long, constructed print rooms, engineering workshops, production, IT control and dispatch offices inside the existing warehouse, and upgraded walls and roller doors, to connect several warehouses together to form one large site.

Retro fit of existing offices Berlane Place, Papakura

January 2013

Remove existing cladding and glazing. Replace with Symonite fascia and new glazing giving a tired building a new and stylish look.

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