Commercial Builds

Commercial Builds Installation Specialists

We have marketed ourselves are the global leader for building concrete solutions for various concrete floor solutions. Concrete construction is global experts in upgrading concrete floor flatness especially with the commercial builds specialists in Auckland and Waikato. Our different aisle warehouses and distribution centres have put together our services in one place for the Kiwi people. As rising with each year we have put thousands of projects with the operation safely and efficiently.

Why you should choose us?

Market Leader – We work as the market leader for you when it comes to building floors. And also we’ve been doing it for years than anyone else

Unique System – we have our unique laser grinding system. We have patented to continue, to design, build and develop all your concrete related services, with our in-house equipment.

Self-Contained – The technique we use is completely safe and self-contained. We work for no trailing of pipes or cables and without no requirement for costly three-phase power. We have worked and known for the installation of the commercial build superficially for many projects.

Dust Free – We have featured ourselves as the most aspiring laser grinding system. Our technique and system are clean with dust-free meaning. Also, we have existed our stock that doesn’t need to be removed from the racking.

Fast – Our services for your floor completely depends on grinding that is quick with minimum disruption. Also, we have the most precise and extremely accurately technique quality.

Knowledge – We are the superior concrete solutions that work with international warehouse and industrial floor solution specialists.

What we have done?

At concrete construction, we have not only maintains the quality but owns high-quality equipment, including laser motor graders, roller compactors, backhoes, tractor-trailers and many more. Also, we have owned and operate link belt cranes for your various commercial and residential projects. Owning with an array of construction equipment, we have put exactly what our clients need to ensure that their project is completed promptly with the most effective results. Our clients have put ourselves in for the various commercial works construction projects in Waikato and Auckland. This has maintained the level of trust for us among the people that targeted us to deliver more capable work.

What did we bring to each project?

Our concrete construction team brings to each project:

  • A recognised record of finding some creative and innovative ways to solve problems. Where you have limited access we work efficiently for you to reach your goals.
  • We have promised to deliver and work diligently to meet your expectations goals and stay within your budget.
  • We have recommended you for the most appropriate founding structural systems to use.

Who we are?

We are a team of commercial works specialists in Auckland and Waikato who are experienced for large infrastructure projects. Also including our role as a contractor for underground constructions, power stations, motorways we played a challenging bridge-building with special creation techniques. We have constructed numerous projects under supervision ideas. From small to large infrastructural development you can always approach us for building these projects.