The Team

The Team

Mike Watkins


Born and raised in the Bay of Plenty, Mike has been an integral part of iDAC Construction leading the way with managing commercial projects. Mike has a long history in the construction industry and in combination with the technical and business skills of Jim, they have taken on and completed a variety of construction contracts. These range from historic restoration to high- rise apartments to car parks. He project manages and oversees every job and specialises in identifying problems before they become problems.

Mike is passionate about iDAC and the Speedfloor system; he believes iDAC is the right choice for clients, whether residential or commercial.

Phone: 021 721 403          Email

Jim Cavanagh


Born and educated in the Waikato region, Jim comes from heartland stock. Jim moved to Auckland to work with retaining and fencing in the commercial and residential market. Jim then went on to buy the company, concentrating on the ground stabilising and retaining division.

Jim and Mike combined with Poul Christie in 2001 to form Auckland Speedfloor Contracting where they combined Poul’s experience with Jim’s quantity surveying and Mike’s project management skills to complete many projects over the years. During the world wide recession and the following disaster in Christchurch they went on to develop the seismic and concrete works division under the Idac Construction banner. This team has developed a broad spectrim of specialised concrete and seismic strengthening to suit the ever changing building market. Poul has since retired. Jim and  Mike have worked together to create an infrastructure that supports staff and benefits clients whilst retaining the core principles of honesty, efficiency and pride in their work.

Phone: 021 780 701          Email

Dan Knezovich

Site Foreman

Dan has over 20 years trade experience in the commercial and industrial construction industry. He runs all the complex large projects, including seismic projects and commercial builds, and supervises all staff from start to finish.

Dan’s attention to detail to avoid any potential problems starts at the planning stage, where he identifies any potential problems to ensure any hitches and mistakes are avoided. He is meticulous about checking all measurements and that all specifications are up to code. Dan’s painstaking thoroughness is what makes him well-respected in the industry.

Phone: 021 271 9477         Email

Clint Johnson

Specialist Finisher

Clint has extensive experience working on heritage buildings and with heritage materials. His skills have resulted in the restoration of exquisite heritage features, such as ornate staircases, to their former glory.

His craftsmanship and sympathetic approach to preserving Auckland’s beautiful old buildings means iDAC Construction has secured and completed numerous contracts working on Auckland’s heritage buildings.

Phone: 027 268 3541