Past Projects

As a well-established company with years of experience working in the construction sector, we’ve worked on major projects throughout Auckland and Waikato and have a qualified, specialist team that pays meticulous attention to detail from the initial planning stage to all the way through to completion.


University of Auckland Clock Tower – Sub-contract to Hawkins

Seismic Upgrade to the Clock Tower and Stairs

Rylock Place – Full contract

Construction of a 400m2 warehouse and amenities


Bunnings Grey Lynn – Sub-contract Ebert Construction

Mezzanine floor for offices – 188.2m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor

Lot 28 Vinegar Lane – Sub-contract Pure Build Ltd

Foundations and Mezzanine floors to 4 levels of apartments

Faraday Road – Sub-contract Alaska Construction

Warehouse upgrade – 658m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor to existing building

Berlane Place, Bursen Family Trust – Full contract

Build new factory of 400m2 and 2 level office of 200m2

2014 – 2016

Hyatt Site @ Auckland Waterfront – Sub-contract Hawkins

Site works, hoardings, infrastructure works to allow for building construction


St John Vianney Units – Sub contract Teak

Foundations and on grade floors for two story units attached to existing building.

Yates Road Pre-School – Sub-contract Scarbro Construction

Mezzanine floor – 702m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor

Big Ben Pies – Full Contract

Large scale re-roof and building upgrade

Bruce Pulman Park – Sub-contract Peter Booka

Mezzanine floor – 687m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor with timber topping to the new athletic arena

Citizen Building – Sub-contract Bracewell Construction

Mezzanine floor – 424m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor with Tray-dec to new carpark level into the existing building

Akapiro Apartments – Sub-contract Contract Landscapes Ltd

Mezzanine floor – 298m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor for each level – levels 1 – 5

St James Façade Base

Large foundation blocks placed to hold gantry frame for restoration of this historic building.  Placed on Queen Street pedestrian walkway

Envirowaste Composting Extension – Full Contract

Extend the existing compost unit by 1 bay


Seaview Apartments

Mezzanine floor – 434m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor of apartments and structural concrete works to the commercial area

Metro Apartments – Sub-contract Concrete Floors Ltd

Mezzanine floor – 553m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor of apartments Block C

Big Ben Pies – Full Contract

Re-roof offices and install MonkeyToe Skywalk access walkway with safety handrails and access ladders

Southern Concrete Pumps – Full Contract

Foundation pilings, structural steel and mezzanine floor

AABC Plant Base Syntec Distributors Ltd – Full Contract

Remove existing slab and replace with a purpose-built sand recycling base for the existing sand blaster

Butler Mill Foundation – Full Contract

Large structural steel machine base with pits to the Graysons Engineering Langley Road plant.

2017 – 2018

Krispy Kreem & Wiri Licensing Tavern – Sub-contract Teak

Structural concrete works, foundation to mezzanine floor


Interfreight Warehouse – Full Contract

Structure and floor of 600m2 Warehouse and 200m2 canopy for their truck yard

Building A & B – Apartments Panama Road – Sub-contract Capri Construction

Foundations, structural, concrete and carpentry works to levels 1,2 & 3

Vincent Street Church – Full Contract

Seismic upgrade to foundation and bracing structure inside an historic church

EMA Carpark Extension – Sub-contract McRennies Construction

1635m2 suspended concrete Speedfloor extending the existing EMA carpark (existing building by Auckland Speedfloor Contracting Ltd) by two levels.